Galileo Galilei; Il Saggiatore (The Assayer); Rome, This quietly polemical text puts the case for a pared-down scientific conception of matter and a. This is Galileo’s argument from “The Assayer,” which I encountered in both my history survey of modern philosophy and in metaphysics. Galileo. Il saggiatore (The assayer) by Galileo Galilei (–) is the final and most significant work in the polemic regarding the characteristics of.

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Those who neglect mathematics wander endlessly in a dark labyrinth. The crowd of fools who know nothing, Sarsi, is infinite.

But perhaps the winds that blow the clouds and those chimeras and monsters that tumultuously take shape in them had not the strength to carry solid and weighty things. At first they tried to persuade me not to be upset by obstinate attacks, saying that in the end those would rebound upon their authors and merely render my own reasoning more lively and attractive, furnishing as they did clear proof that my essays were of gali,eo uncommon nature.

Or, if they do not succeed, at least they will derive some benefit in the form of a clarification of their ideas about the help which they expect from a foreknowledge of the effects. Of such usurpers I might name not a few.

I do not [p. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. The image may be placed at the head of this stripe by moving the carafe, and will then appear brighter than the tail. In this way the wonder was removed, and in place of it one would be astonished if the earth were not to acquire a contrary rotation when aszayer to be galile body suspended in a fluid gzlileo and going around a large circle in a gaileo of one year. Now you who participate in this man’s thoughts and share his curiosity may judge of his astonishment.

Tarde had visited Galileo in and had discussed sunspots with him personally, yet in his book he completely ignored Galileo’s conclusions and appropriated propriated the earlier mistaken ideas of Scheiner. I reply that if those poets could be present at our experiments they would change their views, and without disgrace they could say they had been writing hyperbolically-or even admit they had been wrong. Sarsi now prepares with admirable boldness to maintain, by means of acute syllogisms, that objects seen through the telescope are the more enlarged the closer they are, and he is so confident that he practically promises I shall come to admit this to be true, though at present I deny it.

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Galikeo let us see how conclusive they are.

There is no doubt whatever that by introducing irregular lines one may save not only the appearance in question but any other. I shall pass over first offenders in silence, as they customarily receive less severe punishment than repeaters. This briefly causes Galileo to revisit the idea of light. It will not spread over a large area; indeed, if the water is quite calm you will see a pure image of the sun as sharply bounded as in a mirror.

Sarsi says that abundant arguments have been supplied by me for proving the aasayer of the interior surface of the sky, since I will have it that the moon and other planets -bodies which are also celestial, and even more noble and perfect than the sky itself-are mountainous and rough.

First you try to place me under great obligations gallileo showering new virtues upon this supposed child of mine, and next you ten me it is only an adopted one.

Galileo, Selections from The Assayer

Only through mathematics can one achieve lasting truth in physics. But it is wrong to say, as Sarsi does, that Guiducci and I would laugh and joke at the experiences adduced by Aristotle.

I realize that often those who go about in masks are low persons who attempt by disguise to gain esteem among gentlemen and scholars, utilizing the dignity that attends nobility for some purpose of their own.

But it was in vain that I had reached this frame of mind, and by remaining silent I could not evade the stubborn fate of having to concern myself continually with men who write against me and quarrel with me.

For next I ask him whether he places the moon in the class of “nearby” objects, or in that of “distant” ones? Galileo proceeds by explaining the senses and their relation to elements.

A judge must seek by means of witnesses to determine whether Peter injured John last night, but not whether John was injured, since the judge can see that for himself. The Assayer is a milestone in the history of science: Yet though I believe the number of disciples of the best philosophical may be quite small, I do not conclude conversely that those opinions and doctrines are necessarily perfect which have few followers, for I know well enough that some men hold opinions so erroneous as to be rejected by everyone else.


Conversely, if the moon is tripled by some excellent telescope when it is more than one hundred thousand miles away as Father Grassi saysthen the ball on a cupola at a distance of one mile would be enlarged more than a million times. Well, now you have seen a great expenditure of words on the part of Sarsi and myself to determine whether the solid hollow of the lunar orb [15] which does not exist in Nature[p.

The Assayer

Let me ask Sarsi whether he thinks any difference of weight could be detected in a silver button before and after it is gilded. At the end of this argument Sarsi says that a telescope which is now long and now short may be ggalileo “the same instrument, but differently applied.

The rubbing together and friction of two hard bodies, either by resolving their parts into very subtle flying particles or by opening an exit for the tiny fire-corpuscles within, ultimately sets these in motion; and when they meet our bodies and penetrate them, our conscious mind feels those pleasant or unpleasant sensations which we have named heat, burning, and scalding.

Comets may be dissolved in a few days, and they are not of a circular and bounded shape, but confused and indistinct-indicating that their material is thinner and more tenuous than fog or smoke. That it shone like other planets? But assuming that this was Aristotle’s meaning, it still differs from Guiduccis; for to Aristotle any rubbing of bodies would suffice, even of tenuous ones or of the air itself, whereas Guiducci requires two solid bodies, sssayer he considers that trying to pulverize the air is as great a waste of time as grinding water in the proverbial mortar.

Next with the tip of your finger take a small quantity of any oily material that will adhere to the glass, and spread a thin coating where the image appears, dimming the surface a little.