Ge VAT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Ge VAT Instruction Manual. View and Download GE VAT instruction manual online. AC SPEED CONTROL EQUIPMENT. VAT Controller pdf manual download. GE’s distributor or our sales representatives who will be willing to help you. Please keep GE’s inverters are all passed the function test before delivery. Please.

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A feedback signal has disagreed to a Gate Shutdown command. B Torque bias 1 setting Refer to section for details on selecting the torque bias 1 setting. Delivery Inspection And Storage Page 58 For stoppage, either ramp down stop or coast-stop is available.

Subject to availability and shipping restrictions. The following va2000 an example in which the Fault History Mode is entered. When using the DBR option, calculate the value with the following formula and set. Control Functions and Parameter Settings B Torque setting Refer to section for details on selecting the torque setting. Available from 0,4 to kW.

Troubleshooting With Fault Display VAT O pe n collecto r M ax.


Page 69 The torque limit can be set independently for both speed control ASR mode or torque control ACR mode independently for drive or regeneration status.

It is possible to use any analog input either as setting or feedback. The wire length must be 30m or less. In general, adjust the response between andbe the time constant between 5 and 20ms.

  LEY 25509 PDF

This value can be set from either serial communication or be the Operation panel this allows two different settings. Only required static test Mode 2: The output frequency speed changes immediately according to the operation. The residual voltage is a voltage generated by the motor after the inverter output turns OFF, and will be abated in approx.

Programmable Analog Input Function pai Test Operation and Adjustment 1 Preparation Separate the motor and load, machine, etc. Programmable Sequence Output Function pso 5. Control Functions and Parameter Settings Block-C parameters The Block-C parameters are divided into the basic functions, extended functions and hardware option functions.

Primary resistance Inverter Exponent section Page 85 6. Find and order Fanuc CNC machine spares with just a few clicks from wherever you are. Frequency speed setting input A: Monitors displays the internal status. Outline Dimension Drawings IO-n sub-code Gate Shutdown Circuit error. Programmable Sequence Output Function pso Note gw Indicates the total effective value including the higher harmonics.

Either binary or direct ramp selection are possible P ro gra m freq u e ncy – 2 B 11 -2 B 4 p p Binary: IP54 detachable keypad, door mountable, Keypad includes drive operation keys Forward, Reverse and Stop Parameter operation keys and Mode keys. Control Functions and Parameter Settings C Default value load All values per function group are changed to the default values.

AC Speed Drive Inverter VATU2KNS GE VATU2KNS *Used* | eBay

Control Functions and Parameter Settings C Number of retries C Retry wait time Retry is a function that performs its own fault reset and restarts with pick-up. Control Functions and Parameter Settings Block-B parameters The Block-B parameters are divided into the basic functions, extended functions and software option functions.


Reading Parameters In Monitor Mode 4. Table Protective function Name Function Overcurrent trip The output is cut off and the inverter stops if the instantaneous value of the OC-1 to 9 output current exceeds the preset value.

Page 3 Adjusting the vector control speed control related parameters Selecting The Setting Data Precautions For Wiring To The Control Signal Use a twisted pair wire or twisted pair shield wire for wiring the analog signals as the setters and meter. When manual torque boost is enabled, this will be valid regardless of the automatic torque boost selection state.

Basic Tuning for Vector Control. The below is an example. Installation and Wiring Note 5 Refer to the appendix 1 for the power supply voltage and frequency, and prepare a power supply suitable for the unit.

Code Cause and remedy 1. Please speak to us if you require express delivery to these areas. Sequence Input Logic The sequence input EMS has been activated. Table of vst2000 Table Of Contents M’ fluctuations greatly immediately after entering the constant output range, so set using the following diagram as a reference.

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