Known wireless clients. MAC. Gigaset AGU. () Gigaset AGU u. LAN Gigaset AGU u MAC. ” ” () Wireless Network: () Advanced Settings (WDS) . Power on your modem, and find an hardware reset button available on the unit itselt. press and hold for some seconds, you can release after all. Page 1 of 7. Contents. Siemens AGU (ADSL Network). Connect the Ethernet cable from Huawei to LAN1/WAN port of the Gigaset router and connect.

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It is also the abo Access Rules You can limit access to the Internet for all clients, or only for certain clients in the network, thereby allowing or blocking access to services.

Etisalat Siemens Gigaset 504 AGU ADSL Wireless Router

This means that all PCs that use If you click Log Off, the session is ended and the login screen appears again. Configure these network settings on one PC 5504 so that it can establish a connection to the router.

If necessary, check the details on the device label. The IP address under which the router can be reached from outside is assigned by the Internet service provider.

SOLVED: How i can reset gigaset agu modem – Fixya

Qos quality Of Service Configuring Advanced Settings Qos Quality of Service Many communication and multimedia applications require high speed and large band- widths to transfer data between the local network and the Internet.

For information refer to the section “Setting encryption” on page The Subnet mask specifies how many address parts of the IP address must be identical for all network components including routers.

Internet always has the same IP address.

You should not cover the cables with anything. When it restarts it will be looks as new and you should re configure the isp settings of your internet connection. If you select Never expires, the IP addresses are never changed.


Appendix Appendix Troubleshooting This section describes common problems and their solution. System Password Click OK to apply the settings.

دليل المستخدم SIEMENS GIGASET – حمل دليل المستعمل SIEMENS GIGASET او المختصر الخاص بك

Network connections LAN via cables and telephone lines may only be set up with the router within enclosed rooms. Making the basic settings You can now make the basic settings for Internet access using the user interface of the router page After installation, the user interface of the router is protected by the System Password admin.

Wireless Network Encryption The following security mechanisms are currently available: The data for the required service is entered on the screen. The System Gigaet is case sensitive. We are Creative Blogger Theme Wavers which provides user friendly, effective and easy gihaset use themes. Consequently, the IP addresses of the PCs are automatically assigned by the router.

If you have implemented wireless PC communication via the router, you should improve the security settings of your wireless network via the Advanced Settings — Wireless Network menu. Please bear in mind that this will return all the configuration settings to the factory settings.

Wireless connection is possible after completing the installation of the router and switching on the WLAN function via the configuration program.

Search siemens gigaset They have very easy setup instructions http: The preset subnet mask defines that the first three parts of the IP address must be identical for all network components including routers.

Then configure the router Gigaset AGU to activate the device’s Internet access refer to the section entitled “Internet” on page Set up Encryption for wireless transmissions page Siemens SpeedStream Router The access point sets up the wireless network on a permanent basis. You can enter additional repeaters manually. Backing Up Configuration Data This means that you will have to completely reconfig- ure the router.


دليل المستخدم SIEMENS GIGASET 504

Internet Connection Configuring Advanced Settings Internet Connection You can set up or change the configuration of your Internet connection on this screen. The start screen The start screen is the starting point for all configuration and administration procedures.

Choose Ethernet if you are setting up the connection to the Internet via an Ethernet network connection e. Page 64 Appendix Symptom Possible cause and solutions You cannot open a connec- Either encryption has been activated on the aguu tion to the router from a but not on the wireless network adapter, or an wireless device.

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Got it, continue to print. Restrict access to the LAN of the router page The Web server has been configured to react to requests on port You can make or change various system settings here, for example change the password page gifasetset the time page 49 or activate remote management page It can be freely assigned from the block of available addresses.

Page 48 Configuring Advanced Settings Note: Activate Enabled by ticking the check box. You can set up these services here. First connect just one PC to the router via cable. Qos Quality of Service ayu this capacity between the different applications and provides undelayed, continuous data transfer where data packets with higher priority are given transmission preference.

Flashing Firmware update is running.