Ropes and their depiction · Protective elements · Basics of ropemaking. Gleistein Ropes concentrates on the development, manufacture, and sales and. Sitemap. Home · Company · About Gleistein · Gleistein Ropes · The complete.

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Hercules cordage was used for dragging nets for fishing. They ensure excellent handling and are clearly superior wherever elastic stretch is required.

Gleistein has an internationally outstanding market position with the solution of technical special problems regarding textile connections e. To the group of companies belong the Gleistein Slovakia s. GeoSquare Polyamide Square plaited mooring line with excellent elongation properties gleistejn handle-ability.

Ropes and their depiction. Anchor warp with braided-in lead centre for optimum catenary.

GeoOne Polyamide Mooring Line Flexible mooring line with high break load and excellent shock absorption. Caribic Color High performance line with minimum elongation. We call this commitment:.


A complete range of products from a single source

Filaments made of several single filaments are called parallel yarns. Sophisticated constructions, the highest quality materials and pioneering rope finishing result in innovative and excellent products. Heat set for uncompromisingly light shrouds and stays with smallest wind drag.

MegaTwin T4 Perfection to the very end: At that time Bremen-Vegesackthe former company headquarters, was the port of registry of Europe’s biggest herring fleet. Gleistein enjoys global success in markets spanning from recreational marine products to commercial-grade marine products. GeoOne GeoProp Economic quality line for numerous applications.

Feather-light at the clew, handleable at the winch, excellent in stoppers. A good line will not only withstand heavy stresses and strains, it will hold glelstein a very long time. We call this commitment: Affordable universal line with very high strength and longevity for cruisers.

GeoSquare GeoProp Floating mooring rope, manufactured as proven and easily spliced square line. Discover Take the rpoes with the smooth: Gleistein Ropes concentrates on the development, manufacture, and sales and distribution of high quality ropes. Orphaned articles from February All orphaned articles.


Gleistein – Basics of ropemaking

It is THE textile davit rope. Pre-spliced Sheet for Headsail. Buoyant and available in various colours. Basics of ropemaking Primary products used for gleisttein manufacture of ropes Parallel yarns Filaments made of several single filaments are called parallel yarns.

A rugged laid construction in hemp ore bronze colour.

Gleistein – Ropes and their depiction

Starting from on, the Herkulestauwerk lit. In a square plait rope, eight strands are interwoven to form a roughly quadratic cross-section.

Maximum staying power and minimised fibre fusing on winches. Within further usage of our pages, you will accept that we use cookies. Comfortable handling with matt-finish surface. Linear textile structure made of several fibres or filaments twisted together e.