“Evil is non-existent; it is the absence of good.” ~Abdul Baha~. Evil. A word which is familiar to our ears, yet remains a mystery. We encounter. Posts about Glimmerings of Hope written by discourseonhealth. Glimmerings of Hope. DLP was created with the aim of disseminating on a wide scale educational materials that enhance the spiritual and scientific capabilities.

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He enjoys studying, playing and fishing with his friends. They live in small, peaceful village.

Eating without having washed our hands Eating healthy foods Avoiding anger and jealousy Drinking unclean water Learning more about the causes of disease b. Book 8 begins a cycle of courses dedicated to the individual and the community, which will be followed by the third cycle focusing on the individual and society.

After another long search, I managed to find a Farsi dictionary and that has helped me tremendously! A lot of glimmeirngs ask me how do I learn the language and able to pick it up so fast?

Some in the first category also address mathematical concepts and social issues, while others seek to prepare young people to approach the investigation of physical, social and spiritual reality gllmmerings a scientific manner.


What virtues do I need to practice? Health is a gift that we should treasure.

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Which of the following can help protect us from the grip of ignorance? We are given the capacities to do so. To answer this question, we must first discover what evil stands for. The warm glimmerinhs shines down on Kibomi as he walks along the path. It means loving without expectations, even those who do not love you.

I found an animated video on youtube of this same story: The Kungu raise cattle. While people everywhere are eager to have their children participate in classes for their spiritual education, experience has shown that the challenge lies in training an adequate number of teachers to meet this demand.

He looks at the two large fish on his rope and smiles. Dustaye Iraniye man komakam mikonand va bazivaghth bahashun tamrin mikonam. Throughout our lives, we face dangers.

Farzaneology: JYEP 2: complementary activities

Lesson 5 Prefer your brother. There is violence in the capital city, and trouble is spreading.

Most, if not all, the JYs won’t be able to relate because they’re thinking oh an African country, oh a village setting, oh a tribal war. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. It is inherent in human beings to yearn for love and to love.


But change their perspective by asking them to think about the problems in their own society, and this will help them see the bigger picture better. This site uses cookies. Only when we have learned to love ourselves, we are able to share that love with others.

And yet, without evil, how will we know the good? Now I can have basic conversations with friends and I glimmerinys in due time I will be able to converse on more complex matters.

If you are interested in reading comments from those who have participated in the program, hppe here. Tell the students to imagine they were Kibomi, walking alone in the dark, in the forests, feeling scared and hopeless.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. This is where our spiritual nature comes into the picture.