Panzer Leader is an autobiography by Heinz Guderian. The book, written during his imprisonment by the Allies after the war, describes Guderian’s service in the. Panzer Leader has ratings and 76 reviews. Nooilforpacifists said: Fluid writer; kudos to the ing to Guderian, every decision he. —Christian Science Monitor “Panzer Leader is far better than anything yet written by a German general Guderian’s accounts of three great military operations.

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The military detail is touched by sharp descriptions of the fighting and vivid glimpses of the vague, distorted, half-life of men at war.

Cover of Time Magazine 7 August This is a book, like Manstein’s, that is useful for providing graphic detail of the military struggles of the Second World War.

I finally found time to finish this, although I have gone back to reread various sections that are of especial interest. Guderian recreates several campaigns while apparently studying maps that the reader doesn’t have. Apr 20, Patrick rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Karl Kriebel Heinrich Kirchheim. What I wrote below remains true; however, I am struck by the relationships among senior military and civilian leadership and insight this provides into the period.

Rommel The Desert Fox. I am also entertained by his comments on Churchhill. This book is not for casual WW2 readers – you need to be passionate about WW2 to appreciate this book.

Here was a dedicated General fighting for his country, but being overruled by a tyrant who thought he was a brilliant leader. No doubt his battles are still studied in military academies around the word today. Heck, to go further with that idea, I would willingly pay for an animated representation of the movement as described in the book, particularly those that were under Guderian’s direct command Poland, France and the early parts of the Ostfront.

The engine switches off when discussing responsibility for the war things were done plus the civilian casualties and the Holocaust orders were given; always by another. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He discusses the German movements against Austria and the Sudetenland and then the invasion of Poland. These papers were based on extensive study of the lessons of the First World War, research on foreign literature on the use of armour, and wargaming done with dummy tanks and later with early armoured vehicles.


Guderian wrote many papers on mechanized warfare during this period. Those and other tactical disagreements brought Guderian into near-daily infighting with headquarters staff. Apr 24, Glen rated it it was amazing. After the defeat at Stalingrad in earlyHitler appointed him to a new position, rebuilding the Panzer forcesbut he bickered with many other generals, who managed to get his duties re-allocated.

But next to that, he also discusses technical features of the tank armies armour plates, speed, guns,….

Heinz Guderian – Wikipedia

I grabbed this book out of a group of my Dad’s books. I personally though the author was trying in many respects to justify himself and his actions during and fate the campaign You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Still, the recitation of lines taken or defended does reinforce one major point in the section on the invasion of Russia in He was very hard to get along with, and it’s a tribute to the German Army, as well as to Guderian’s own remarkable abilities, that he was able to rise as high as he did within the German Army.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Though at one point, he wonders just how anyone expected to beat England without an aircraft carrier. Although he as imprisoned for a few years, he was not charged with war crimes. About Heinz Guderian Heinz Guderian rose through the ranks of the German military to become chief of the general staff. Britain at this time was experimenting with tanks under General Hobartand Guderian kept abreast of Hobart’s writings using, at his own expense, someone to translate all the articles being published in Britain.

I actually bought an atlas of WW2 not so good, by Collins-Harper I think; I need something more detailedbut that didn’t help much. Truly a missed opportunity. When General Wilhelm Keitel guderoan, the head of the OKWexplained the political importance of the offensive, Guderian remarked, “How many people do you think even know where Kursk is? Return to Book Lleader. It seems clear that if he had not been ordered to stop in May he would have led his panzer troops to Dunkirk and stood a good chance of getting there before the British army; without the evacuation of more thangudeerian its soldiers, England may conceivably have been pushed into accepting an armistice.

And I don’t really blame him for not questioning the underpinnings of Na Fluid writer; kudos to the translator.


Panzer Leader

A great book by a great soldier. It’s also possible that Churchill would still have held out, but would the threat from England have dissipated enough that a faster and more powerful invasion of Russia could have occurred, or a more complete push into the Mediterranean?

Chiefs of the German General Staff of the Wehrmacht. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Guderian’s corps spearheaded the drive and passed through the Ardennes and over the Meuse in three days. The best part of the book though, IMHO, was when the author a few years after the war since he was lucky enough to be fired by Hilter for the last time, just shortly before the fall of Berlin provide his assessment on Hilter himself and the “inner ci 2 of 3 books this month on 3 most famous Germany’s generals in WWII.

This method was used in the German Spring Offensivebut the German forces lacked the mobility to exploit breakthroughs and achieve deep penetrations of the enemy defenses. Heinz Wilhelm Guderian German: This page was last edited on 28 Septemberat It reviewed the state of armoured development in the European nations and Soviet Russia, and presented Guderian’s theories on the effective use of armoured formations and combined-arms warfare ideas of other general staff officers.

Hart may be far too forgiving of soldiers fighting for wicked causes. Much detail is provided and see Manstein’s book on the same subject, “Lost Victories”.

Heinz Guderian – – Panzer Leader | César Calle –

Panzer Leader by Heinz Guderian. And the book portrays the resistance from more traditional army leaders in the German military. As others have pointed out, Guderian takes credit for the works of others, and any serious student of world war two would do well to cross reference this work with the writings of Von Manstein and other established academic texts.

An early pioneer and advocate of the ” blitzkrieg ” lightning war doctrine, he successfully led Panzer armoured units during the Invasion of Polandthe Battle of France including the Low Countriesand Operation Barbarossathe invasion of the Soviet Union. The Panzer divisions sliced deep into the allied defenses, creating havoc. No trivia or quizzes yet.