Got a Hegemonia: Legions of Iron walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. Haegemonia Walkthrough 3: Mankind Campaign. Download the complete guide of Haegemonia Legions of Iron by Wanadoo Edition and Dreamcatcher games. Haegemonia Walkthrough 1: Earth Campaign. Earth Episode 1. Earth 1 Mission 1: The Flight of Icarus. Main Objective: Protect The Icarus. Select the player’s.

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Once occupied, you already have a military base in position for defense of the planet. And some systems have hegfmonia or no mineable asteroids, so scout around before building.

Coincidentally, a wormhole was discovered at the edge of the Solar system hwgemonia the same time. Use your jump signalers to call back fleets when a relatively unprotected system is attacked, or to sneak up on the enemy. Research system is based on research points RPs which are allocated at the beginning of each mission.

After the cutscene, the mission ends. Apparently, the Darzok military took over their government once wlkthrough humans and the Kariak were discovered, claiming them to be a threat.

They also don’t cost a whole lot for what you get out of them.

Despite all the cutscenes, they’re not all of that. You do have a planet, but since you have no research points, the most you can do is build a few extra Walkthrouugh Fighters. There’s only one problem with the ‘Valhalla’ base: Legions of Ironor Hegemonia: Have your ships attack it, and after it blows Ohh!

Haegemonia Walkthrough 1 : Earth Campaign

When prompted, right click the comet to attack it. Alternatively, I wait until you have quit happily established this blockade, and send a single large battleship force to crush you. Ep1 – M2 Earth How do I stop lefions traders? Just to the left and below of AT II. No matter which system you choose, an asteroid will be detected on a collision course with your planet.


I’m still working on some ship weapon type info.

Send a spy ship with Kuchera in it through the lower wormhole after hegempnia Energy Absorb Plating. If you kill him the mission ends then and there, so this is a good option.

Note that a planet should never be in a state where it is not producing anything; if there is nothing useful to produce, simply run a continuous project. If you ignore Yoshimo Sakuzo’s call or if you hegmeonia too late, he will be killed by the kariaks.

The exact amount of Research Points and Credits needed is based on how much, and of what type of projects you have researched. Log In Sign Up.

After you beat them you’ll win this mission.

Haegemonia Walkthrough : Mankind Campaign

Since they can’t bombard the planet, this will keep them busy. You get another free, high-ranking spy ship named “Haegemonia”: Ep1 – M3 Earth Where are these legion I have to destroy? Keep researching and building up your defenses. Although the manual states that they carry million colonists, they actually carry only 30 million.

If you pull them back quick after the cutscene you can save them. Ep5 – M1 How do I make my choice of which empire uegemonia side with?

However once you get to the higher tech levels, they become frighteningly devastating and can even cut through shields. Hegemonix If you can stand that without madly clicking on it to dismiss it, then I congratulate you. Once your colony hits Million, you finish this mission.

There’s virtually no chance of the planet itself producing ships to destroy the attacking units because they’ll be destroyed before they’re complete. These ships are invisible on sensors and have no sensors of their own to prevent unfair use as scouts.


The most useful mission.

Haegemonia Walkthrough 3 : Mankind Campaign

Soon after start you’ll get a rank 7 spy with Kuchera aboard through a one-way wormhole. Spy ships can be constructed in the same manner as other ships, usually no more than 3 may be present at a time. You’ll mostly be controlling your empire using this feature.

Two high-ranked squads can take out a battleship. Don’t waste bases near planets, keep them at wormholes. Would you recommend this Guide?

Yarbo is a bit tougher since the Darzok have a lot of Battleships, but still very doable. After 5 seconds of the first sign of weapon fire between enemy and your ship, order your big juicy fleet to attack the enemies back! Consider swapping out most, if not all of your corvettes for them. First off, the official Hegemonia website offers a pretty useful, free, walkthrough guide in PDF format. It has a hell of a lot of firepower, but with the max amount of battleships, you should be able to beat it.

Most of the time, that is the maximum for the mission; however, certain random events may also increase that amount. Send spies only in the systems nearby because if the kariaks detect your ships, you’ll have a major problem to deal with as they are very stong. If the first spy is destroyed, have the second one try. Supply Ship Number per squad: Whenever your ready, take all your squads, and go down to the asteroid field.