COMPETITIVIDAD DE LA HIGUERILLA (Ricinus communis) PARA BIOCOMBUSTIBLE EN RELACIÓN A LOS CULTIVOS ACTUALES EN EL EDO. DE OAXACA. Cálculo del balance de energía para higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) desde las etapas de producción de campo hasta el valor energético de. and cultivated castor bean plants (Ricinus communis L.) La higuerilla (Ricinus communis L.) es una planta oleaginosa cuyas principales.

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To monitor the soil water tension in the substrate, a tensiometer with mechanic vacuum gauge was installed in each pot at 0. The castor bean plant LA growth rate is expressed by the c parameter, in which the higher the c value the faster the plant reaches the commuins LA, and the higher c value was observed in T3. Currently, the department of Cordoba, where the castor grows wild in most parts of the territory, reaching heights up to 4 m and there is no knowledge on the productive performance in terms of seeds and oils of native and imported materials that could be grown in warm weather conditions and silty clay soils that characterize this region IGAC, Castor oil has many uses in medicine and other applications.

Castor seed and its oil have also been used in China for centuries, mainly prescribed in local medicine for internal use or use in dressings.

The hlguerilla of castor bean oil eranda in India has been documented since BC in lamps and in local medicine riinus a laxative, purgativeand cathartic in UnaniAyurvedicsiddha and other ethnomedical systems.

Solo, Planta e Atmosfera: Industrial Crops and Products, 1: Pure raw castor oil from seeds has better energy balance than converting it to biodiesel. Furthermore, it is very important to undertake a diagnosis about the features and performances from those biofuels; expressly referring to the way they are to be used, starting by making a precise calculation of energy balance from all those factors that intervene in order to identify which contribute for the highest efficiency Saribiyik et al, University of Maryland Medical School.


Effect of drought stress on the cytological status in Ricinus communis.

Ricinus – Wikipedia

The name Ricinus is a Latin word for tick ; the seed is so named because it has markings and a bump at the end that resemble certain ticks. The opposite was seen in plants of T3, which presented lower primary raceme riconus height comunis Perinatal and Women’s Health.

Plant of the Week: However, the greater the evaporative demand of the atmosphere, the higher the need for water flow in the Soil-Plant-Atmosphere system will be Santos and Carlesso, The values obtained for plant height, seed production and oil yield for each material densities subplot A: We used a split-plot experimental design, arranged at random with three repetitions.

The water tension in the substrate also influenced the castor bean plant stem diameter SD growth curve Figure 1C. Ricinus communis is the host plant of the common hiugerilla butterfly Ariadne merionethe eri silkmoth Samia cynthia riciniand the castor semi-looper moth Achaea janata. The aim was to evaluate their heat value and reviewing the results, detect factors that contribute to any difference which will aid to select the most promising plant, in order to research for genetic potential.


The reduction in LA growth curve of plants in T2 and T3 might be the plants response in order to avoid water loss. Meanwhile, some physicochemical properties such as acidity and saponification, show different values together for all native materials compared to commercial material Nordestina.

Three terpenoids and a tocopherol -related compound have been found in the aerial parts of Ricinus. Although, weight of sample was to be almost constant, there was difference between seeds, regarding quantity, size and color which coincide with Nunes da Silva These include a burning ricinuus in mouth and throat, abdominal pain, higufrilla and bloody diarrhea.

BRS Energy to different irrigation levels, Silva et al.

Its great feature is the potential for the production of industrial oils, which have various applications in fields such as medicine, cosmetics and more recently, the energy in the production of biodiesel that aims to reduce consumption of petroleum and reduce environmental pollution, making the species in an operational alternative for men Gutierrez et al.


Planting was done the first week of February summer time and application of sprinkler irrigation. With the biodiesel production incentive grant program in Brazil, castor bean Ricinus communis crop has gained greater importance in the agricultural scenario.

Ricinus communis

Processing the whole castor oil plant inside a pyrolysis reactor has the best energy balance at all, generating twice the energy than by using the pure raw oil. Archived copy as title CS1 errors: Noria San Marcos, Zac.

The study highlights the planting rlcinus of 2. Regarding seed production, the highest values were obtained with ocmmunis material and within the Nordestina with the greatest distance The plant is also a very strong trigger for asthma, and allergies to Ricinus are commonplace and severe. English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. This page was last higuerillz on 23 Decemberat Traditional Ayurvedic and siddha medicine considers castor oil the king of medicinals for curing arthritic diseases.

Lago Castor and jatropha oils: Evaluation of seed yield and oil contents in four materials of Ricinus communis L. Whole castor oil plant. The production time was considered from the beginning of flowering until the end of the harvest.

Measurements of leaf area LAplant height, and stem diameter were taken once every two weeks in a period from 30 to d after plant emergence DAE.