ITR 4 AY 09-10 PDF

FREE EFILING ITR EXCEL AY SOFTWARE UTILITIES BY INCOME 6ITR -6Excel Utility(Version )Updated on (4-July)MS Excel. New Income Tax return form ITR-1,ITR-2,ITR-3, ITR-4,ITR-4S For Ay can be downloaded from here Dear friends,e-filing of Income tax. Dear Sir,. Can an Individual file ITR -4 for F.Y. up to 31st March ? If not then why DIT allowed filing ITR for the same. Thanking you.

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Which ITR should you file? If you want to know which ITR to file, then we suggest reading from the beginning to figure out which fits your income. We will be taking a look at: You can claim refund Expert advise are welcomed.

Itr-1 fillling for a.y. ,,

In case your employer is not providing you aay TDS Certificate than you don’t need ir. Because every ITO will ask you that what are the reasons for which you want to submit the return of such previous year. Your are not logged in. Actually as per my knowledge an assesse can submit the return between the period of 2 next years without getting any permission from ITO.

On 24 December After filling the return you can get the refund and moreover don’t forget to file the ITR’s for all the consequent Years.


ITR-2 is applicable if an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family has income from the following sources:. We discuss all the ITR forms but feel free to skip to which you want.

ITR for A.Y & – Income Tax Forum

If yes, some CA says for penalty of Rs. I was not able to file my ITR. ITR-3 is applicable if an individual or a Hindu Undivided Family has income from the following sources:.

You can claim the Refund. It is the form using which a person declares his income and the tax applicable on that income to the Income Tax Department ITD. On 25 09-110 We will be taking a look at:. On 23 December I have tried to do so by logging into income tax site. Well as per my knowledge the previous returns are allowed to be filled upto the maximum of 099-10 years Some of them required permission.

Might be Yes that’s up to The person who files these returns is called an assessee. Take out your PAN card and see which is the 4th character.

Itr-1 fillling for a.y. 09-10,10-11, 11-12

Subscribe to the latest topics: Alternatively, you can log in using: Let us grow stronger by mutual exchange of knowledge. Ltr case if you have crossed the deadline than it can be submitted by getting prior permissions from Assessing Officer.


Sorry for my mistake the correct question is. Is it 09-110 to claim refund now. In case the number of house properties increases, then ITR-1 will not be applicable. And its not possible. An assessee can be an individual person or company.

Moreover the ITR for A. Previous Thread Next Thread.


ITR-1 is not applicable if your total income exceeds Rs. The income can be from any and all of these sources. Post Reply Post New Topic. These informations are required to claim the TDS.

But for filling return for A. Before filing, you have to know the type of assessee you are. Here is a table which is helpful. If yes, which section of IT Act, says its mandatory to file return if there is no taxable income. It is mandatory to file ITR-6 electronically with the digital signature. Was I under any obligation to file ITR?