De Sobremesa () – José Asunción Silva. Sobre el autor y la obra. – José Asunción Silva. o Colombia, Vida: o El más. De sobremesa. (Novela.) by Silva, José Asunción and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at José Asunción Silva fue un poeta colombiano. Parte de su importancia para la literatura estriba, esencialmente, en haber sido uno de los más importantes.

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Has a kind of poetic meeting with this woman.

Mentions drugs he takes. Once there, he was encouraged by his fellow writers to dedicate himself to his poetry.

Felt like he was dying. The poem “Nocturno” Nocturnal was his most famous work, published posthumously in Most men die without having lived life. London, 13 de noviembre. He was, however, persuaded to recreate one of the novels from memory, but the losses of his sister and the novel took their toll nonetheless.

Written in free verse, the poem broke with the more classical mode of Spanish versification and showed many signs of Modernism. She wanted to give him a trade of some eobremesa valuable jewels for the necklace until she could pay him for it, but he just wanted to give it to her.


Death is not more mysterious or horrible than life. Feels malestar in Paris.

De sobremesa

Peaceful fe fresh feeling of being around nature. He experiences life intensely and is aware of the esthetic dimension, but he cannot organize his ideas coherently. His trip to Europe would sobremsa his style, as he incorporated many French themes. Views Read Edit View history. Doctor tells him again to quit dreaming and get his life in order.

Has been sending out telegrams searching for young Helen, who he has continued obsessively idealizing.

Books by José Asunción Silva (Author of De sobremesa)

Retrieved from ” https: Then the doctor shows him a painting with the exact replica of Helen, but painted several years ago. Interlaken, 5 August, nighttime. She suffered from consumption illness. Marriage as invention to channel sexual instinct.

Frame, with friends in conversation. It is said that Silva committed suicide after a dinner party on the evening of 23 May The reason he wanted sobdemesa murder her was because he found her in bed sobrmeesa another girl.


Kinda like Sin Rumbo! But amidst this dissipation, the protagonist falls in love with an adolescent to whom he attributes the greatest innocence and purity, although he has never spoken with her and knows litter about her.

Summary from Cambridge Latin Americapg. The next day, the girl and sobfemesa father leave. When he goes to see her he is horrified because he sees all sorts of things that remind him of Helen a bouquet of flowers, a butterflyso he leaves.

Passionate evening, narrator gets fed up with Nini and wants to kill her, suffocating her with pillows.

José Asunción Silva (Author of De sobremesa)

Madness, Nerves, and Tuberculosis. Es el camino del progeso. But, she escapes and he drugs himself with opio. Incapable of paying his family’s enormous debts, Silva accepted a diplomatic post in Caracas.

Whyl, 5 de Julio- in an escondite in Interlaken.