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Another issue was some k561t2m solder dry joints. Electronically they are not the most reliable. Synths built in the USSR tend to scare people away as they seem hard to repair and deemed to be full of exotic components. It’s worth repairing this solder bridge between boards.

It sounds the buisness with a small stone phaser. They are pretty fragile dagasheet this synth. I assume it’s the same as the ‘glide’ found.

Update – I actually found out that these controls only affect pedal operation and were not faulty after all. It also has quite an aggressive filter which screams when over driven. Although my synth was ok, many EM’s have keys satasheet do not release. These synths are very well built and look really cool.


KLN2 Datasheet PDF, KLN2

The EM is considered a string synthesizer but ddatasheet has organ and brass. I have the transposer board out and I think it’s a faulty logic IC. I assume it’s the same as the ‘glide’ found on western synths. This diode was replaced with a 1N and the upper 4′ voice issue was fixed.

K561NA7, K561NC2, K561TM2

Built in military production plants in the former Soviet Union. It was fun to decode the IC’s though. The bender range was way off, so adjusted with these two trimmers: In reality many are just Russian equivalents of western components, such as 40 logic IC’s The hassle can be working out what the alternatives are.

This turned out to be a bad diode KP The synth is fully polyphonic, paraphonic really. On upper voice j561tm2 2 and 4.

Get yourself the schematics. It’s hard to get information on these synths in English.

They datasheft in Russian but will at least throw some light on the internals. On my synth this doesn’t work. My particular synth was made in This can be down to a bad capacitor which sits under the corresponding key.


The EM has a ‘slide’ control with interval.

Mindburner Elektronika EM

A dry resistor solder joint was responsible for range upper 2′ not working. Watch when de-soldering components that you don’t lift the PCB tracks. One of the upper ‘B’ notes was stuck on. In reality many are just Russian equivalents of western components, such as 40 logic IC’s.

K561TM2 Datasheet

Datasheet here and rough English translation here. Please email me with any corrections or pertinent information at: Thanks go to Karolis for confirming this. To be fair there are some nice features on this synth, One is the handy hinged keyboard assembly, that lifts for voice board access.