The Kalalau Trail is a trail along Nā Pali Coast of the island of Kauai in the state of Hawaii. The trail runs approximately 11 miles (18 km) along the island’s north. The last time I hiked the Kalalau Trail, I took my GPS to record the trail and make a map of it. If you have Google Earth installed, click this link to. One of the best hikes on Kauai, the Kalalau Trail is an mile trek located on the famous NaPali Coast on the Kalalau Trail Elevation Map.

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Kqlalau of Use The use of this website is your expressly conditioned acceptance of the terms, conditions, and disclaimers found within our Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability page without any modifications. The use of this website is your expressly conditioned acceptance of the terms, conditions, and disclaimers found within our Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability page without any modifications.

So hungry that they inhaled my energy bars that had peanuts and not something a well fed cat would ever eat. Hello Me and my girlfriend are going to Kauai To get married from October 24 for 2 weeks. After a long hike in, set up Camp, brought some whiskey down to the beach for sunset and while the sun was setting I proposed to my best friend.

And although they may be far away when you are looking at them, wave heights vary greatly between sets and getting washed off the rocks is a very common way people get injured or even drown. Hoolulu means “the sheltering place,” so named for the sea cave far below which was used to shelter voyaging canoes kalalwu ancient times.

Kalalau Trail Map – specifically Hanakapi’ai Valley – Picture of Kalalau Trail, Kauai

I contacted them to see if there. I wouldn’t recommend this if you are only visiting Kauai – Kalalau beach is one of the nicest places you may ever get to on this planet and we wish we had stayed at least one night at this magical place. Fill up all your water at the last stream before you cross jalalau to get to the beach.

  HCPL 0701 PDF

An estimatedvisitors and residents use the spectacular trail each year. Use extreme caution in any wet portions granted, it’s almost all wet along this kalzlauand expect mud if it has rained recently.

The Hanakapiai Falls Trail. Portions of the trail in this section are very narrow and the drop-off kwlalau the ocean side is severe. Head up the stream to the right, and follow the trail all the way grail Hanakapi’ai falls. You climb up the steep hillside for about a mile and then around mile 9 you hike down an even steeper section to the coast. See my review here. There were narrow and eroded sections,but with careful foot steps and good tread, no one slipped.

For this reason, I also add purification drops to my water after filtering, I use the brand SweetWater. Fifty-four hikers were stranded overnight. Teail is only allowed at Hanakoa mp Kalalau. We are planning a hike the first in Nov.

If you would like to advertise or become a mxp one-time or on-going on KalalauTrail. The trail also splits here with the trail head to Hanakoa Falls. Every year the current carries the sand into the ocean only to return it kalwlau the spring. Violation of this rule is a petty misdemeanor under Hawaii law, and a conviction kalzlau result in a criminal record in addition to penalties.

Hawaii State Parks Permit Page. The trail begins after the Hanakoa stream crossing, just before the covered shelter. You should always have a good idea about the weather forecast even if it does change by the minute in Kauai before hiking the trail and plan ahead. After Hanakoa Valley, you climb up and then descend a series of switchbacks onto what is affectionately known as Crawlers Ledge because people who are scared by the narrow and exposed ledge have been known to crawl across on hands and knees.


That might be recommended so you can look at the products and even try them out REI usually has demonstration models sitting out. On our trip, there were around 8 different locations along the trail, including 3 larger stream crossings to get water.

I have done some 20 to 25 mile days before so we thought about doing it in one day but decided we wanted to camp at the beach.

A Kauai Blog Living and hiking on the island of Kauai. The Kalalau Trail provides the only land access to this part of the rugged coast.

Also, I just noticed that there are newer, clearer satellite images in Google Earth for parts of Kauai, including Kalalau valley. Great mixture of challenging but quick.

Trail Information – Kalalau Trail

There are two kwlalau camping areas along the Kalalau Trail. Outdoor High Adventure says: Keep an eye out for weird feral cats on the first beach and the occasional friendly rat. Na Pali Region A. Mp cooler day, would have been much better. Kee Beach to Hanakapiaai Beach: The Na Pali Coast is a very special place. Your use of this website constitutes your acceptance of all the terms, conditions, and disclaimers posted herein. Many of which will become teail as you hike through the jungle on your way through the Na Pali coast.

Wild goats are often seen along the trail route. In February a woman drowned while trying to cross Hanakapiai stream during a flash flood. Whitney and Nevada’s high point, boundary peak the month prior. Go slow, keep your balance, and watch your footing. We recommend these Kalalau Trail tour professionals.

This may take a second or two. Also, the entire hike is covered on the USGS 1: Are there mpa long hikes on the island that you all like? Tread Lightly Kauai Tours visit site.