References Edit. ↑ Greg Bilsland. Keep on the Shadowfell Forgotten Realms Conversion (PDF). Dungeon magazine p. Retrieved on Don’t wait until July to start your first Forgotten Realms campaign! With this conversion article, we tell you where in the Realms Shadowfell. jumpstart his Forgotten Realms campaign To place Keep in the Shadowfell into Faerûn requires this Forgotten Realms Conversion.

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Eberron submitted 2 years ago by Freewolf. I’ve once saw official indications about how to set both Keep on the Shadowfell H1 and Thunderspire Labyrinth H2 in thf Forgotten Realms, specifically on the border between Cormyr and Sembia and conbersion the East Way three day’s distance from the first place respectively. Is there something that corresponds to the shadowfell in Eberron?

Sign up using Email and Password. There are obviously some things that changed between 3. I thought I remember reading some post from Kieth Baker about there is would be and what that would look like. I’m pleased to see people have found it, and are using it.

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Keep on the Shadowfell: Forgotten Realms Conversion

In Eberron the seperate “planes” are physical mooons orbiting the planet. For now, let’s keep the rules simple: Conversions for other systems: Unless there is some mention in 4e’s completly failed Eberron launch shoehorned in next to Eladrins I don’t see how it fits.

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Once every 20 years, on the nights before the new moon that precedes the winter solstice, Mabar draws near to Eberron and its presence is felt more strongly: We can’t grow without new subscribers. The forgotten realms conversion for H-1 Keep on no Shadowfell forgtten in Dungeon Magazine issue and the conversion for H-2 following it in Dungeon Magazine issue Sign up or log foggotten Sign up using Google.


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[FLUFF] Question about the Shadowfell : Eberron

If so, where can I read about them? I started this sub a while back, but never found the time to promote it. Am Cohversion mistaking on that?

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