KompoZer Web Tutorial is focused mainly on beginners wanting to learn HTML, CSS. Advanced users might find it interesting as well. Tutorials on using KompoZer, a free WYSIWYG web editor, to set up and How to Upload and Link to a PDF File (or PDF Ebook) in KompoZer. KompoZer è un Web editor visuale, in gergo WYSIWYG (WYSIWYG è l’acronimo KompoZer è disponibile sia per Windows, sia per Mac sia per GNU/Linux.

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It is based on Gecko, the Mozilla rendering engine.

KompoZer Tutorials

KompoZer is completely free and can be downloaded from KompoZer website. The tutorial provides just enough help so as to get you started with using KompoZer for your web page design purposes. Its only aim is to give you a kick start on how to use KompoZer. The manual does not even cover all the basic aspects of HTML in detail.

Yes, this is a short tutorial and some basic albeit unimportant things mnaual been left out.

Web Design Tutorial using Kompozer Download

You are encouraged to find out about them yourself. Also the tutorial covers just an introduction on how to use cascading style sheets with the inbuilt editor, CaScadeS. There you will find detailed information about various standards maintained by them. This tutorial first introduces you to KompoZer’s User Interface. This epsaol followed espail a basic formatting section. Next section, tells you how to insert elements like images, tables, and forms in your document.

Then we have small section devoted to styling your document using CSS. The document concludes with instructions for publishing your document to a web server. KompoZer’s File Menu contains menu items for all major operations possible while using it.

For full detailed reference read the Menu Reference page.

KompoZer’s tool bar user interface consists of:. The Composition Toolbar consists of buttons for the most used major operations. Below is the ,anual snapshot of the default Composition Toolbar with text below each button indicating the respective button’s function.

The Format Toolbar is a very useful tool while editing web pages with KompoZer. With the Format Toolbar you can apply paragraph format, choose a font, change foreground or background kompzer, increase or decrease size, and emphasize a block of text.

You can also create ordered or unordered lists and justify a block of text to left, right or centre. To know which button does what just hover your mouse over the button and a tool tip will appear indicating the function of the button. KompoZer allows you to simultaneously edit multiple web documents using different tabs for each opened document. Having multiple tabs gives a cleaner look to your desktop as it ezpaol not cluttered when multiple windows are used for each document. As a visual indicator a ” red floppy icon ” icon appears for pages which have been edited but not saved yet.


The Edit Mode Toolbar indicates the viewing mode which is presently active for the current document. You can easily change your viewing mode by simply clicking any of the other three with the mouse. Simple mankal of the mouse on a tag in status bar kompoozer the text surrounded by that tag.

KompoZer Tutorials ()

You can also start a new document which is a template instead of a normal html file. Templates are used to make website management easier as the maintainer will only need to edit the text for a particular page and not worry about the design as it is controlled by the template. This tutorial will not go further into creating and using templates. Further information about templates can be obtained from the Working with Templates section of KompoZer Help documentation. We will use the text given in the next section in the new document to follow the formatting help in this tutorial.

The text will used as a base to learn basic formatting functions available in KompoZer. Copy the text from the following section and paste it in your new document.

Corbett National Park, named in the memory of Jim Corbett, was created in and was the first national park to be established in Asia. It is situated in the northern state of Uttranchal in India. It has an area of sq. It is also a home to other animals like etc etc. Situated at the junction of the Garhwal and Kumaon hill regions it also boasts of the combination of cultures of people of both regions.

Kojpozer Corbett,lived in Kaladhungi. His house has been converted into a museum by the government as a dedication to his life and times. He was a naturalist, conservationalist and an avid photographer. Born on 25th Julyhe grew up in Kaladhungi and Nanital.

He was called up several times by village mxnual and the government to get rid of man-eating tigers and leopards. The head quarters of Corbett Tiger Reserver are at Ramnagar. By road it is connected to Delhi, Moradabad, Bareilly and Nanital.

State transport buses ply from Delhi, Moradabad and Haldwani to Ramnagar. By rail tourists can reach Ramnagar by taking a train from New Delhi. The first thing we will take care of are the headings and subheadings. Select the text “Corbett National Park” at the top of the document and click on the Body Text drop down menu on the Format Toolbar and select Heading 1.

The text will be sspaol according to the default Heading Level-1 style. Similarly, select the text “Visiting Corbett National Park” and make it a level-2 heading. The second you might want to do is to select entire paragraphs in your text and mark manuual paragraph following same procedure for the headings.


In the given text this has already done to make the text more presentable, but otherwise marking paragraphs separately is a good practice. You can also style important words or phrases using the bold Bitalic Ior underline U buttons on the Format Toolbaras has been done in this line.

Several other options of formatting your text are available from the Format Toolbar or via the Format menu on the File Menu toolbar. Go ahead and try to use a few options, you will learn a few trick this way.

For detailed instructions about all the ways possible to format text for a web page, see Formatting your Web Pages section in KompoZer Help documentation. Corbett National Parknamed in the memory of Jim Corbettwas created in and was the first national park to be established in Asia. Click on the ” Table ” button on the composition toolbar.

And choose the table dimensions to be 5 rows and 2 columns with your mouse. Clicking on the 5th row in 2nd column will create a default table with those dimensions. After you are done, the table should look like the one below:.

With the basic table constructed, you can change the table properties by activating the table i. In the Table Properties dialog, you can set various properties for the table, cell, row or a column, e. For a detailed treatment of various properties of table, the reader is referred to section Adding Tables to your Web Pages in the KompoZer Help documentation. Nvu allows the users to create or edit cascading style sheets kompoze the help of its inbuilt style sheet editor named “CaScadeS”.

CaScadeS has the ability of using either internal or external style sheets for documents being edited.

KompoZer – Wikipedia

Details on how to use CaScadeS are out of scope of this tutorial. However, the user is directed to using style sheets in the main Help section. You can publish your documents using Nvu’s built-in the Site Manager.

The visibility of the site manager can be toggled by clicking the F9 button. Site manager is being rewritten and hence this part of the tutorial has been postponed till the new version is released.