The scanning application and libkscan library which were formerly included in kdegraphics – KDE/kooka. Kooka has been the scan application of choice for the KDE project and is an official part of the KDE Graphics Package. However, Kooka has been dropped from. Start Kooka from the main menu or enter the command kooka. When started, Kooka opens a three-frame window with a menu bar to the upper left and a toolbar.

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Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Be sure that your scanner is connected, switched on and ready for use before you boot Knoppix.

The Kooka Main Window. The image will appear to the screen. Let me add also the feature request of ,ooka easy way to use kooka as a photocopy machine. As it turns out, for me at least, Kooka has one advantage: Scan an image to PDF I use gnome; is there a similar program in gnome? Another prob is that different scanner offer different scan options which leads to different sizes for the scan options window.

Centered windows have the same size, are stacked, and can be brought to the foreground with tabs. For your last question: Instead it has a foot that lets it be stored upright out of the way on the floor next to the PC when not in use. Tags for this Thread pdfscanning.

After much researching of product reviews and a bit of ping-pong with http: I am not a lawyer, so use your own judgment. Usually GUI-based programs are flexible, have lots of choices and can be tweaked on-the-fly as needed. I think vuescan has solved this problem by leaving enough space in the subwindows for the biggest set of options. Is that Qt what they use now? Top right, in the pane “Image Viewer” and below it right the scanned image is shown.


All that was really needed was a source of input, i. I use gnome; is there a similar program in gnome? Use of scanners or copiers involves risk of violation of copyright.

Is ‘kooka’ an image or a PDF program? I’ve not found time to play with it yet, but it certainly looks nice. To be fair, the quality on the CRT is far better than on the printer, not a photo-quality device. To me it seems pretty clear that printing was never really high priority in either software package, at least not in the sense of using a scanner as part of a replacement for a copier.

As far scab the occasional “quick copy” is concerned there is a trade-off. There is also an OCR application tesseract which was released into the open source community some time recently well, somewhere early I think. I had many hair pulling hours of frustration trying to get good scans from Kooka. Since I am very new to the scanning game, I don’t yet appreciate or even understand much of the available functionality, but there is lots more!

Digikam, Kooka: Scanning with Epson V200?

That makes it simple to use it with the scanner and network printer as an alternative to a single-purpose copier. Downloads Support Community Development. Is this article up to date? Start Kooka from the main menu or enter the command kooka. You go reply now: This is indeed professional software! Furthermore, your scanner must be recognized by Knoppix, as described in Lesson 2. On the other hand you might want to post bug reports on bugs. Kooka does freeze kooka when a preview should get displayed, after the scan finished already.

If you can’t see this option, try Settings then Select Scan Device. Also in generalcan KDE programs work on gnome? And then to start one of the GUIs.


Chapter Kooka — A Scanning Application

Tell me what you would like to know, i check it out and send it to you. When started, Kooka opens a three-frame window with a kokoa bar to the upper left and a toolbar directly below it. Help answer questions Learn more.

This is where the actual kooks parameters are set. For quite a while I have wanted a flatbed scanner san enable copying not only something from the revenuers for our accountant but also the occasional page from a book or magazine without having to destroy the publication first, so I really wanted a single-function device. It is ideal for a small office without continual need kloka copying. And they each show you the results of scanning as well as offering a preview scan, again Kooka within a section inside the window, XSANE starting another window sca this.

It would be unfair not to correct them, wouldn’t it! I’ve played with them a bit, they’re very functional and do produce good output, and with practice, you can produce almost reliable recognition from scans of documents. Add the source-code for this project on git.

I haven’t found either of the OCR programs that Kooka has used particularly good. In any case, do check out SANE before you look for scanners or copiers. Abstract Kooka is a KDE application for scanning. Definetely a good feature request, which will be implemented in future releases. Kooka — A Scanning Application.