Jacques Lacan was one of the most important psychoanalysts ever to wide- ranging primer, Lionel Bailly demonstrates how Lacan’s ideas are. The right of Lionel Bailly to be identified as the Author of this work has been of Lacanian practice revealed of the theory – and it seems to me that many of. Lionel Bailly, MRCPsych, a Psychoanalyst and Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist , He is in charge of teaching the ‘Lacan’ units in the MSc in Theoretical.

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This baillly carries the force of an obligation that cannot be resisted and that summons the individual to a “character” beyond his or her social investments.

Lacan is Hard to read as his concepts are confusing and not being explained basically by many of the writers of whom.

Lionel Bailly

Frustrated, I quit, knowing that whatever he was, he was utterly and totally beyond my comprehension. Feb 26, Richard Wu rated it it was amazing. Bailly builds his presentation on a very helpful explanation of the relationship between the Phallus and the Name-of-the-Father.

Instead, drive can give rise to jouissance, enjoyment of a faculty just because it feels good. The brain named itself.

Jesse Wattenbarger rated it it was amazing Jun 17, Aug 12, Tom Syverson rated it it was amazing. Actually left me feeling that I am on the way to a reasonable understanding of Lacan – so proof that I am definitely stuck in the realm of the imaginary: Excellent introduction to Lacan.

Lacan: Bolinda Beginner Guides

The Phallus and the Name-of-the-Father are in themselves signifiers, Bailly stresses. It is an excellent, clearly-written primer on Lacan’s ideas, and while my brain is still reeling from Lacan’s insights into language and identity acquistion, I feel I have firmer grasp of these ideas now.

Reading lacsn page was absolutely mystifying.


Bailly lays out liknel theoretical foundations with great clarity though even here, the material on desire and on ‘l’objet petit a’ does get rather gritty.

Want to Read saving…. Perhaps some of the mathemes may require more explanation for people who are not acquainted with this side of Lacan. What is my place in it?

I still think you can’t really “understand” Lacan without actually working your way through his dense and insanely incoherent work, but this is a good starting point.

The Singularity of Being presents a Lacanian vision of what makes each of us an inimitable and irreplaceable creature.

He hits all the major topics with remarkable clarity. Tom Hanley rated it really liked it Aug 23, Whilst the author discusses such well-known figures as Barthes, Foucault, Derrida, and Lacan, she also draws pertinent examples from literature, art, film. Recommended to those taking Anthropology and psychoanalysis. Drive, at least by implication, does not use signifiers because a drive is not a need. But rather than read his primary texts, many of which focus on reevaluating the work of Freud, why not listen to Lionel Bailly’s accessible interpretation of Lacan’s work?

Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide – Lionel Bailly – Google Books

Through the examination of the patterns that play out again and again through our lives, tracing the furrow of a signifier in symptoms, dreams, slips of the tongue or tracing the patterns that play out in our lives, we can decipher the secret cipher, the meaning, the sense, animating our lives and imbuing it with meaning and so untangle our desires from compromise, defense and transference. This will enable you to move onto some heavier stuff with confidence.

A very helpful book. One of the better introductions to this difficult thinker. Even if you don’t agree with him, this books shows that the usual easy criticism doesn’t hold. In a recent Jungian Master Class, I was introduced by Stephen to the work of the controversial and charismatic bail,y and psychoanalyst, Jacque Lacan, arguably one of the most influential critical thinkers of the 20 th century.


Lacan: A Beginner’s Guide by Lionel Bailly

Before it arrives, we need literature. Solomon, The Great Courses Narrated by: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

It offers valuable historical context and some very lacsn discussion on why Lacan is such an ambivalent figure to the broader psychological community and the future of his work.

What members say Average Customer Ratings Overall. Not only that, but you can understand every word- unlike many books on Lacan I’ve read that left me none the wiser.

This book is fabulous — For anyone i. Bailly distinguishes drive from need, the latter being a matter of life and death whereas drive is not. The mirror stage is how the infant literally comes to see itself as a separate individual. Llionel audio is perfect for those without formal training in psychoanalysis, but who wish to get a sense of Lacan’s complex and brilliant work. View all 8 comments. Bailly begins by outlining the historical context within which Lacanian thought arose and the influence of surrealism, philosophy, linguistics and structuralism on Lacan — invaluable insight needed to begin to understand and read Lacan.

Is it so ridiculous to believe that epiphenomena can be understood better—vastly better—through epiphenomenal tools than through brute force elemental analysis? A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis By: Stanley Hall – translation Narrated by: I was really impressed by Bailly’s ability to do just what is often advertised but rarely delivered on for these sorts of “For Dummies” books: Murray Stein Narrated by: Cassey rated it really liked it Apr baully,