Wild lettuce (Launaea taraxacifolia) is grown mostly in West Africa, it is call “Efo Yarin” in Yoruba Language of Nigeria. This plant is commonly used as leafy. Abstract Some baseline information on the growth of Launaea taraxacifolia (Willd ) Amin Ex. C Jeffrey was gathered. Rhizomes sprouted within 10 days. African Lettuce (Launaea taraxacifolia) Displays Possible Anticancer Effects and Herb-Drug Interaction Potential by CYP1A2, CYP2C9, and CYP2C19 Inhibition.

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Some patients take orthodox drug such as antihypertensive drugs, hypoglycaemics, and antiretroviral therapy HAART in conjunction with traditional medicines.

For proximate analysisthe fresh leaves were macerated in a mortar with Na 2 CO 3 in order to aid digestion Table 1.

Yanrin does not need much management because of its low water requirement. The best time for the harvest appears to be between the 6th and 8th weeks after planting. Flower production and even production of viable seeds has been reported in other plants grown in shade Steckel et al.

In the quest to eliminate malignant cells, contemporary medicine and therapies aimed at controlling cancerous cells taraxaciflia yielded undesirable side effects.

We investigated the effects of crude aqueous extracts of L. The leaf areas of the plants under direct sunlight were also significantly higher than those under the shade throughout the experimental period Fig.

Launaea taraxacifolia

It is of the genus Launaea and species taraxacifolia [ 5 ]. Removing the pappus from the fruits is a cumbersome process and since the seed germination percentage is rather low, vegetative propagation using the roots is common. This activity has been associated with biologically active compounds and may be useful in drug development.


In conclusion, it was observed that Launaea taraxacifolia requires minimum inputs for its growth especially under direct sunlight.

Launaea taraxacifolia – Useful Tropical Plants

Launaea taraxacifolia occurs from Senegal east to Ethiopia and Tanzania. The number of seeds from each flower varies from 20 to 22 with an average of two to three black and 18 to 20 light brown seeds. Free radicals may alter the generic structure of endogenous lipids, proteins, DNA, and other important molecules that may lead to tissue damage, triggering many diseases in that regard. Histological studies of kidney tissues showed an insignificant change in tubular epithelium in L. Articles that were retrieved were manually reviewed with the goal of identifying and excluding works that did not fit the inclusion criteria described, articles with repeated data, and duplication taraxxacifolia the search engines.

It is mostly collected from the wild even in the rural areas and can be found in the local market, cooked and rolled into balls for sale.

Launaea taraxacifolia (Willd.) Amin ex y

A summary of reported pharmacological activities of Launaea taraxacifolia. View at Google Scholar B. It also reveals information gaps such as the need to research into its pharmacokinetics, interactions with drugs of importance, and its development into a plant-based drug in order to expand taraxacigolia clinical use. Table of Contents Alerts. The effect of shade upon seedling growth in groundsel bush Baccharis halimifolia L.


View at Google Scholar A. Launaea taraxacifolia launaeataraxacifolia x – 9k – gif www. Research using Nrf2-knockout mouse has indicated that ROS are important factors in the breakdown of collagen in experimental arthritis [ 48 — 51 ]. Ethnic names of Launaea taraxacifolia plant in some African countries. Potential anticancer effects of L. Effects of shading on common water hemp Amaranthus rudis growth and development.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

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Selection of plants with tender leaves of low bitterness would increase its popularity. Among the cytokinin treatments, significant increase in means was observed with increase in the concentration of BAP. There are citation in web searches related to Launaea taraxacifolia Willd. Place and Duration of Study: The lower number of leaves produced in the shade plants may be attributed to an increased use of existing reserves to maintain growth during the period of declining photosynthate production.

This paper captured information on Launaea taraxacifolia from to Once the plant has developed and starts producing leaves, regular harvesting is recommended. Flowers all ligulate; corolla with tube c.