Continuous Ploughshare Mixers operate on the hurling and whirling principle introduced to mixing technology by Lödige. Equipped with mixing elements which. LÖDIGE Mixing. Lödige is offering a large variety of mixing systems for industrial applications. For these applications dynamic compulsory mixers are used. The biggest mixer ever built by Lödige. Total length of 11 meters and a weight of approx. 60 tons, this machine is the biggest that Lödige has.

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The intensive mixing process makes for multitudinous contacts of the primary particles among each other.

LÖDIGE Process Technology

The final size and the grain size distribution can be influenced by the binding agent quantity, residence time, speed and other machine parameters. Unlike the processes described above, drying in a fluid bed results from convection. For which process do you need a machine? The quality of a mix is defined by taking samples and by an analytical evaluation.

Thanks to the two-part construction, maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily and the maximum machine downtime can be reduced to 1 — 2 weeks per year. We should be pleased to assist you in choosing the optimum systems for your application. The drum has a diameter of 3 meters and a length of 8 meters.

Mixing, granulation, emulsifying, coating drying, reacting — all applications in the area of industrial mixing and related technologies in all sectors of industry. You can ask for information about the data stored about you any time.

Loedige mixer KM Equipped with mixing elements which can be adapted to individual requirements, this machine produces mixes of the highest quality. The liquid is homogeneously distributed in the material by means of the mixing mechanism.


This process step increases the homogeneity of the sinter raw mixture, which is a combination of coarse and fine iron ore, limestone and other substances. Besides the conventional ploughshare mixing tools a large variety of modified mixing tools is available, facilitating an optimum adaptation of the mixing tools to the individual material.

The resultant turbulence in the mix, whereby all the product is constantly involved in the mixing process, prevents the formation of deadspots or low-movement zones in the mixing drum and ensures high speed, precision mixing. Shear mixers exclusively generate relative movements without expelling single particles out of the material, whereas, subject to lodig speed, impeller mixers generate a mechanical fluid bed of varying degrees whereby individual particles are completely expelled out of the material matrix falling back to another place.

The homogenisator, flanged in the discharge, is a high-speed rotor-stator system up to rpm of well-known make. The mixing effect is exclusively achieved by vortexing the flow with the aid of integral elements. Possible applications are mixes of solids-solids, loodige, liquids-liquids, solids-gas and liquids-gas.

You can revoke your consent any time for the future. In the first case the mixing shaft mixef the tools are horizontally installed, thus achieving, at corresponding movement, a product reaching from a loose product bed up to a mechanically generated fluidised bed.

Ploughshare mixers | Eskens B.V.

Both horizontal mixers and vertical systems are available. Examples of Mixing Conditions. The specially shaped mixing elements ensure best product conveyance. You can revoke your consent any time for the future.


Please consider that indeed an optimum mixing condition may be obtained which may be changed for the worse during the proceeding mixing time.

Please, call me back Please complete the following form: Due to the mixing tools, the material to be mixed is hereby specifically fed to the activity area of the chopper head.

Grinding mills Shakers, mixers, dissolvers Filling machines.

Your data will be otherwise deleted as soon as your inquiry has been processed or as soon as a reason for storage is not given any more. Close We have served over Real, homogeneous mix Concerning the mixing aggregates we distinguish between static and dynamic mixers. Precondition for the application of static lodge is the pumpability of the original materials.

In case of revocation, your data will be deleted immediately. The moisture is evaporated and removed. A typical example for a rotary-drum mixer is the conventional cement mixer with its rotating drum. Both horizontal mixers and vertical systems are available. Click on a country to view contact information.

Please choose losige topic. Your data will be otherwise deleted as soon as your inquiry has been processed or as soon as a reason for storage is not given mixeer more. More than tons of material per hour can be processed in the mixer, and the retention time of the mixing material in the drum is less than 2 minutes.