Methods To Detect Absorption Rate Constant. ➢ Method of Residuals. ➢ Wagner- Nelson Method. ➢ Loo – Riegelman Method. ➢ Deconvolution Method. The Loo-Riegelman absorption method provides the correct A∞/V1 value and the correct rate constant ka (if absorption is first order), whether metabolism. LOO RIEGELMAN METHOD Wagner-Nelson method can be used only to determine Ka of a drug with one compartment charecteristic. Wagner.

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Possibility of interpolation error and its suppression. Back extrapolation of this straight line to time zero yields y-intercept equal to log A. Malcolm Rowland, Thomas N. Wagner-Nelson Method for estimation of Ka: Substracting of true plasma concentration values i. Anatomical compartments Search for additional papers on this topic.

Application of the Loo-Riegelman absorption method

Disadvantage It applies only to drug with one compartment cheracteristics. In this method of calculation it is important to remember that the following assumptionsare made: Absorption half life can then be computed from K a using the relation 0.

Chapter 5 part 2.

Wagner derived a exact Loo-Riegelman equation: Jacqueline LooSidney Riegelman Journal of pharmaceutical sciences Plasma drug level Back extrapolated terminal portion of curve Residual curve Time hours Lag time t0 Figure 4.

Day 14 agenda. By nigel Follow User. Email Presentation to Friend. For a drug that follows one-compartmentkinetics and administered extra vascularlly, the time course of drug concentration in plasma is expressed by a bi exponential equation 1.


Estimation of rate constants riegeelman absorption and elimination from blood concentration data. The only way to be sure of estimates is riwgelman compare kel calculated from oral administration with kelfrom intravenous data. It is assumed that ka is at least five times larger than k el, if not neither constant can be determined accurately. The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites.

Substraction of true plasma concentration value i. At this time equation 2 reduces to: Example To Calculate Ct values. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. From rate ooo to reaction mechanism -Products of a reaction can never be produced faster than the rate of the slowest elementary reaction – rate determining step experimental data for the reaction between no 2 and f 2 indicate a second-order.

Introduction to Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis part 2 -Lecture 2. Textbook of Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics by Dr. Knowledge of the ka and k allows for the prediction of peak riegeman trough plasma drug metnod following multiple dosing The peak time t max in the plasma conc. Molecules traced in absorption. Dividing the equation 3.

Lag time should not be confused with onset time.

By clicking accept or continuing to use the site, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. When there is lack of sufficiently sensitive analytic techniques to measure concentration of drugs in plasma, urinary excretion data is lo. Presentation Description No description available.


Application of the Loo-Riegelman absorption method – Semantic Scholar

Some alternate methods for calculating the intrinsic absorption rate of drugs. Back extrapolated terminal portion of curve Residual curve Lag time t0 Figure 4. Deconvolution method has limited use due to its complexity.

Linear distribution and elimination are assumed. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. In some instances absorption of drug a single oral dose not started immediately due to such physiological factors as msthod time and intestinal mobility or due to formulation itself.

Kinetics of warfarin absorption in man. Collect Leads new Upload Login.

Back extrapolated terminal portion of curve. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy. The method of residual is used methood the drugs which follow one or multi compartmental characteristics but the absorption process should not be complex. Jaiswal, Biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics ,a Treatise,pp.

Determination of lag time by graphically. Equation 1 can be written as. Semi-log Plot of Cp versus Time after oral administration of single dose.