Nov. If you want to read the Lotus Quickr documentation offline you no longer need to install the IBM help system locally but you can also download. Product Description. IBM Lotus Quickr is team collaboration software. It allows you to connect to an IBM enterprise content management system. Create Custom Libraries to connect to Enterprise Content Management libraries from a Lotus Quickr place. You can then create new documents, edit existing.

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IBM translation might be available. Backup maintenance can be done manually or it can be scripted.

Use the wsadmin client to administer Forums by specifying properties in qyickr configuration file or running administrative commands.

Based on the federated repository, Lotus Quickr allows you to create a user base that can be federated over multiple repositories: To launch the installation program from the console interface, do the following steps: This can interfere with the installation when the installation program requires you to change discs.

This example shows the documentatioj case of exporting the database wpsdb which, by default, contains both the JCR and customization domains. WebSphere Portal also supports the storage and retrieval of credentials from other vault services, such as Tivoli Access Manager.

In a local database environment, Lktus Quickr and DB2 are installed on the same machine. Place managers can click Members from any page in a place to manage place members. Single sign-on allows you a secure method of authenticating a user one time within an environment to provide access to other applications, systems, and networks.

These resources are typically not modified during production and need administrative rights to do so. If you access portal from a shared computer, it is important to realize that all users who have access to the computer can access portal content that is cached in the local browser cache.


For redundancy, failover, and simpler maintenance, Lotus Quickr may be installed in several clusters, sharing some common data through the database. Depending on the type of browser you are using, you can still experience information leakage from shared computers, even if portal content is completely disabled, because some browsers serve content that is accessed by clicking the browser’s Back button from a separate history cache that is not affected by HTTP caching directives.

Path name length There is a known limitation with many Windows operating systems that limits path names to a maximum length of characters. Information You are currently viewing machine translated content. The Subject carries around the Principals and Credentials that can be used by the portlet directly documentatiln through the credential service.

Introducing IBM Lotus Quickr REST services

In addition, the installation program sets certain properties in the wkplc. You can select to do a full migration for a stand alone or cluster deployment, or a place migration. An example of a link would be a link from a wiki page to a document in a library. User IDs must be unique within the search path that is configured in Lotus Quickr.

IBM Lotus Quickr – Wikipedia

A separate document is available that describes the process of installing Lotus Quickr fix packs into an existing cluster while maintaining 24×7 availability. For the export process to work, the source Lotus Quickr 8.

You can ignore this error. You can also define the patterns as Java regular expressions. After the database software has been installed, you must create the required databases and users and grant the proper privileges to those users.

For example, use C: On Oraclea single database configuration will significantly reduce consumption dcoumentation system resources by the database management system and should therefore be considered, although this configuration is not recommended for other database management systems.


The status of a place for example, place size or lock status does not migrate with the place content. If you have customized the default Lotus Quickr theme on the target server, the customized theme will not migrate from the Lotus Quickr 8.

IBM Connections wiki: IBM Connections documentation: Enabling single sign-on for Lotus Quickr

DB2 is installed during Lotus Quickr installation. If so, use a procedure that ensures 24×7 availability. Data is categorized into four categories. Encapsulates the functionality of single sign-on for the portlet writer in an object provided by the Service. As part of recovering from a database failure you must synchronize Files data with the data of communities Files has interacted with.

Place Center placecntr Used for Place Center configuration tables and favorites tables. You then upgrade the node with the service packs. Also the administrator user ID cannot begin with a numeric character’-‘ dash’.

Before applying any maintenance, analyze any impact to your users and ensure that you are able to provide uninterrupted service also referred to as 24×7 availabilityeven during the maintenance phase.

About this edition

Planning considerations Lotus Quickr provides many installation and configuration options. Enabling single sign-on for Lotus Quickr. For example, to select the language that you want to use for the installation, you would see output similar to the following example:.

Restart the WebSphere Portal Server to pick up the change. They do not render properly in the side navigation.